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 Originally created to overcome bug of Lifedrive device (it is not able to maintain persistent connection, which makes impossible to download large files >2-3MB). It's funny, when you pay 420€ for device and it can't download large files (I've bought it in 2006). I am trying to make Dman as a stable and fast program, it is not fully compatible with HTTP 1.1, it doesn't have a fancy interface and possible will never have.

Latest version is 0.05b.20100508, can be downloaded here.

I'm not developing this application anymore. My w/router "Dlink" broken and I bought "Belkin", which is not working with my Lifedrive, if you will need to change w/router don't buy "Belkin" it will not work with palm devices. Looks like the problem is with default name of router where symbol "_" is used, better to rename SSID into something like "ABc-1244".

Also in section Other I posted rest of my programs.

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