How to Use
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First to know:
Press 'Add' button to add new download.('Remove' to remove current).
To set URL:
Press 'url' button, enter URL into text field. Examples: "www.example.com","www.example.com/index.html"
To set destination where to download:
Press 'Path&Name'. Choose 'RAM' for downloading to RAM or '1','2','3' to set as destination to VFS card. When you have chosen downloading to VFS, a list of directories will appear(if they exist) and your path will be '/', open directory if you want to download to it.
To open directory:
Choose it and press '>' button, to go back press '<'. If there are more directories then shown, to see them press '>' button to see next directories and '<' to see previous.
Note: If you have more then 200 directories only 200 will be shown - this is a program limit.
To disconnect Internet connection:
Choose 'Option->Disconnect'.
"Status: Error":
If you have "Error" during download press "Resume" button (if exist) to continue downloading, or "Restart" to restart failed download.
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