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  • retrieve files from http server using HTTP/1.1 protocol over TCP/IP, implemented methods for communication with server are GET and HEAD, can do a redirection(when server responds that requested data is under different URL);
  • save files to RAM, VFS card(drive), *.prc and *.pdb files are downloaded as files and converted to PalmDB, that's why reserved space should be x2;
  • it can show IP of server from which it is currently downloading;
  • default path is set to RAM;
  • if destination file exist, file currently downloading will be autorenamed, *.prc and *.pdb to RAM are renamed after download during conversion process;
  • up to 4 simultaneous downloads.


  • non configurable;
  • save files larger then 2Gb;
  • browser all directories when number of directories is more then 200 in current directory;
  • open directory when destinations path length will become larger then 4096 symbols(bytes)
  • verify for available space on destination for file currently downloading;
  • verify that name of a file is correct for destination (RAM,VFS)
  • no support for Japanese/Chinese and other multibyte systems.
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